HistoRx Acquired by Genoptix

In September 2012 HistoRx was acquired by Genoptix®, a Novartis company. Genoptix was the first licensee of AQUA® technology to perform clinical laboratory services using this objective and reproducible method for measurement of protein in tissue specimens, and has now launched a series of breast cancer assays powered by AQUA.

Given the success of this collaboration, Genoptix decided to acquire the company and its rights to AQUA technology, originally invented at Yale University and licensed exclusively to HistoRx. Genoptix now has substantial experience developing and performing clinical diagnostic assays using AQUA software and intends to use this unique and proprietary technology to expand its portfolio of solid tumor offerings.

Genoptix will focus on the Clinical Diagnostics realm of the HistoRx business; the Life Sciences and Pharma Services businesses will be discontinued. The HistoRx facility in Branford, Connecticut will be closed following the completion of the pharma services projects underway.

HistoRx and its employees extend thanks to all the members of the international AQUA technology community for their support over the past few years and we wish you the best in your future research and development efforts.

Please see for further information about clinical assays based on AQUA technology.

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